May 23, 2018


Message From Reclaiming Earth Committee

“Care for the soil and the soul needs to be extended to include care for society. In spite of the unprecedented growth in the economy, science, technology and world trade, almost half of humanity is hungry, homeless and ignored.

“The list of gifts we have received and inherited from our ancestors and our fellow human beings is endless. We are indebted to them. And now it is our own turn to contribute to that culture and civilization and ensure that no child in our human family goes without food, no sick person is left unattended, no country or community is afflicted by war, exploitation or torture. We may not achieve this goal tomorrow but efforts towards the well-being of all must start today and we must rise above the narrow confines of self-interest and work towards mutual interest.”

Three Dimensions of Ecology: Soil, Soul and Society, by Satish Kumar
Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth (Pg 139-140)

“Social love is the key to authentic development: In order to make society more human, more worthy of the human person, love in social life-political, economic and cultural-must be given renewed value, becoming the constant and highest norm for all activity. In this framework, along with the importance of little everyday gestures, social love moves us to devise larger strategies to halt environmental degradation and to encourage a ‘culture of care’ which permeates all of society. When we feel that God is calling us to intervene with others in these social dynamics, we should realize that this too is part of our spirituality, which is an exercise of charity and, as such, matures and sanctifies us”

Laudato Si (Par. 231)

Integral ecology: multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, inter-related, ever-present. Where do you see it?