Message From Reclaiming Earth Committee

The theme for the 2019 Synod of Bishops will be “The Amazon: New paths for the church and for an integral ecology.”

”The synod will seek to hear the voice of those living in the Amazon region … who are often forgotten and left without the prospect of a peaceful future, including because of the crisis of the Amazon forest, which plays a vital role in the environmental health of the entire planet, the pope has said.”

National Catholic Reporter

An article in Kosmos is about a 2016 visit to “the Sapara, a small indigenous tribe of about 500 people whose territory is under direct threat of oil exploitation. At the beginning of that year, the Ecuadorean government had signed the entirety of their land over to a Chinese oil company.

“The Sapara have a cosmovision of living in complete connection with the natural world.  A world in which everything — every tree, every stone, every river, even the petroleum under the ground — has a spirit, and all spirits are connected into the pattern of one great spirit that permeates all matter and all life. This is called Samaru but it cannot be accessed through the mind, it can only be understood through the heart.”

Integral Ecology … Where have you heard this phrase before? Isn’t it interesting how interconnected life is and how this phrase continues to return and remind us of our place in creation?

Reflect on it …